Refund Policy

About returns and refunds

In case of return due to customer's convenience

1: Accept returns

The customer has the right to request a return within 14 days of receiving

the goods.

2: If opened

We will refund 50% of the item price.

 However, the return shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

 In addition, we may not be able to accept returned goods if it is already opened, used, and difficult to resell.

3: If the product has defects

We will refund the item price.

We will also pay for round trip shipping.

However, after receiving the returned goods, we will conduct a test and if no defect can be confirmed, we will take a reduction measure based on the return policy of ② above.

4: Returned goods during the warranty period

We do not accept returns or refunds due to malfunctions within the warranty period.

We will replace or repair any defects within the warranty period.

Please note that the warranty covers only the product, and we will not be responsible for any damage to the vehicle, installation costs, traffic violations or accidents.


In the case of a return, we will start the refund procedure after receiving the return.

Under no circumstances will refunds be paid in advance or replacement products will be sent in advance.

Guaranteed replacement is limited to one time.

Also, it may be changed without notice due to the production of products.

In this case, it will be replaced with an equivalent product.